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import from a friends  ac card Empty import from a friends ac card

Post by daves on Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:14 am

does anyone know is it possible to import files from map card to another AC program running on another PC?
a buddy has autocharts on his pc as well .
he would like to copy the database files from the card that I created for him on my pc to his pc so that he can use them in his own copy of the Autocharts program
when we load the card into sd reader it brings up the map
when we try to download/import none of the import functions work
we can see my map on his PC
what are we missing??


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import from a friends  ac card Empty Re: import from a friends ac card

Post by CamoHunter on Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:04 pm

You CAN import the track files and sonar recordings.
You CANNOT import the actual map.

In order to duplicate the lake map, you will need to supply him with all of your .acd files listed under your 'Chart File Index'. These are probably stored on your computer or sd card, depending on how you imported your .ht track files or .dat sonar recording files.
Your friend will then add those .acd files to his 'Chart File Index', and create a map in AutoChart just as you did originally.


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