Autochart Pro IMG Layer in Canada /Problem

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Autochart Pro IMG Layer in Canada /Problem Empty Autochart Pro IMG Layer in Canada /Problem

Post by _bernd_ on Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:58 am

Hi @ all
Im new in this forum, my name is Bernd and Im from Austria. I´ve a boat in Atlin,BC, for that I bought a Humminbird Helix 7 Chartplotter. I also bought Autochart pro since there isnt the best coverage in this remote area. My plan was to make my own map with some stellite images as background layer for the main map.
But here starts my trouble:
- At first I bought Autochart Pro with ZeroLine SD Card in my homecountry (Austria). That was my first mistake because I didnt know that the zeroline is Countryspecific. So its clear that a IMG Layer "did not fit in the custom map"
- Talked with the guys where I bought Autochart --> Ive to buy the North America Zeroline SD, what I did yesterday.

-- Now the outlines of Canada-lakes is in Autochart in better quality, everything fine BUT when I want to insert a IMG Layer (satellite image) it says again "did not fit in the custom map" (i checked it on a lake in the US and it works...)

Is there any chance to fix this that I can import an IMG Layer on Canada?
Its so frustrating, hope you guys can help me here.
Thanks a lot and cheers from Austria


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