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Post by askeyb on Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:44 pm

I have the Auto Chart Live SD Card. No PC Software

I have ACL map recording for the Willamette River out of Newberg, Oregon.  It is not complete but a fair amount and I still need to do more.  How do I upload map data to share.  Do people have to share with each other or on this site?

I did download and upload of map data on a website that Garmin had.  It worked really well.  The uploaded maps had to be approved before they would put them on their Garmin Connect webpage.  Users could log on and check areas and see if maps were shared from areas they fish or want to record.  

I downloaded most of what I was going to map.  I did continue mapping the area more to cover the areas off the main channels of the river.  Also the shared map did not share waypoints only the recorded map.


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