Hummingbird Virgin Which one do I get?

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Hummingbird Virgin Which one do I get? Empty Hummingbird Virgin Which one do I get?

Post by Neiko1967 on Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:35 pm

I am currently trying to decide which Helix unit to get and was hoping some of you may give me some suggestions as I am new to Hummingbird. My primary use will be for ice fishing for lake trout on unmapped lakes in Canada as well as summer fishing the same lakes. There are some remote lakes where we will be fishing out of a 14ft boat with a 2.5hp motor so portability is key.

My prior FF was a Marcum LX7. I was at Gander for the Ice Fishing seminar and was looking at the HB's when a HB sales rep asked if we had any questions. Long story short he recommended us waiting for the Helix 7 SI GPS G2N that is coming out in the first week of Dec. After doing a little research it looks like the G2N is network capable and since we don't have any other electronics or i Pilot I think the HeliX 7 SI GPS is what I need? I realize I will need to buy a ice transducer. I definitely like the option of creating your own map. I believe the 7 does not come with Autochart Live but will it need to be purchased separate? If so should I pony up for the Pro? Or would I be better off just getting the Helix 9 as it comes with the Autochart Live already plus has a bigger screen? I do realize this set up will be worth more then my boat and motor but am not afraid to spend a little money for good electronics.LOL

Thanks in advance for any direction you can give me.


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