Troubles mapping after 3rd downloading.

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Troubles mapping after 3rd downloading. Empty Troubles mapping after 3rd downloading.

Post by High voltage on Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:23 pm

Hello everyone looking for some advice ! I bought autochart pro downloaded the cd no problems. I transferred ht files from fishfinder to sdi card and transferred to autochart and was able to see tracks and them map them and upload to card and fishfinder no problem. Went out second time did the same thing no problem. Went to a lake i had been to previously and 1 new lake on the third outing! Heres where i have a problem . I transferred to card and into autochart on computer. I can map here and see my tracks but when i go to create map nothing happens it does not finish the green bar nor do I see the depth ! any advice see tracks can't create map!!

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