Weird Map offset problem with Autochart Live, Helix 9 and Zero Lines card.

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Weird Map offset problem with Autochart Live, Helix 9 and Zero Lines card.

Post by dchammond on Mon Aug 01, 2016 9:30 am

[b]Hi all,
anybody ever have a problem with this card?  I bought a Helix 9 this spring and quickly filled up the 8 hours of recording time charting the best features of a new lake I've been fishing.  I popped in the ZLC and the data transferred well. It worked great.  I noticed as I spent more time scanning structures they became more defined and pin point accurate.

That is, until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed my shoreline wasn't where it was supposed to be.  It's about 60 yards due west.  I set up the map offset feature using a well defined structure and the shore is good now (no more trolling over the parking lot or through a lakeside cottage).

The trouble now is that when I activate my Autochart Live it doesn't record what is under the boat but (you guessed it) what is 60 yards to the west.  Now I am sure that this is not actually happening but what I am recording is centered under the boat but what a pain to constantly have to remind myself that the new underwater topographical map is shifted.  That underwater structure that I seem to be driving over is really 180 feet away to the west.

So this is where it get weird.  I removed the ZLC, and reformatted my internal data storage.  The Autochart is centered on the boat again but the shoreline is off.  I repeated the map offset and the same scenario happens with the shoreline good but the recording apparently offset.  I re-inserted the card and the shoreline is good but the recording is off centered.  What's more, it doesn't update or overwrite the structures like it used to.  I read up on erasing your data from the ZLC and Humminbird strongly advises against it but don't say why.  There are videos on how to do this successfully.

Any suggestions are welcome.

PS I should have mentioned that I had the unit in and the updated the software.

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